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Who We Are

Who We Are

Solutions Technology, Inc. (STI) is mission-ready and customer-focused. We build trust with our customers by combining mission experience and technology to ensure proactive protection and constantly evolving innovation.

STI at a glance

STI at a glance

  • Certified Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Fully Cleared Workforce
  • 21+ Years of Successful Customer Support
  • ITAR DDTC Registration
  • TS Facility Clearance
  • Certified Professionals

We focus on Mission Critical Support Services.

Solutions Technology Inc. (STI)

What We do

Software Engineering

STI engineers partner with our clients to build and transition legacy and new applications using the agile web, mobile, and cloud environments. Our experts containerize open-source software to deliver cost-effective and efficient DevSecOps solutions.

Program Management Support

STI provides staff with expertise and experience supporting engineering and technical tasks for program offices requiring requirement management, acquisition assistance, project management, price, or program analysis. We offer independent estimates and administrative support.


CNO Cyber Operations

Our CNO practice includes highly skilled certified enterprise cybersecurity engineers. We provide network security, malware analysis, rapid incident response, immediate investigation, correlation of forensic findings to network events. Our engineers utilize network tools to decipher data and author cyber investigative reports documenting digital forensic results. Analysis and identification of different classes of attacks and attack stages. We work collaboratively to provide remediation solutions, reporting and.