Cyber Security

Preventing Threats Through Cyber Operations

STI’s cyber security solutions include understanding vulnerabilities and developing an action plan to address them.

Our staff secure, monitor, and defend infrastructures, assist in training and monitoring employees, teaching them to identify and report potential internal breaches; manage information access, limit access to data. We believe in a multi-layer approach to cybersecurity because one solution does not fit all. These services include:

Solutions Technology Inc. (STI)

Operational Security Management

  • Secure the environment: physical, personnel activity; external providers
  • Monitoring and reporting of internal threats and potential cyber security events
  • Update antivirus software, operating system, and software regularly, compliance management
  • Firewall defense management and analysis
  • Virtual network management and operation
  • Vulnerability and threat analysis scans
  • Malicious code analysis
  • Monitoring for unauthorized personnel, connections, devices, and software

Computer Network Defense

  • Detection process continuously improved and tested
  • Risk Management and analysis of infrastructure
  • Impact of an event is determined
  • Response and recovery planning
  • Digital Forensic
  • Oversight, governance, and compliance support
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Facilitation of regulatory and cyber management-reporting requirements, such as those contained in Federal and Department of Defense guidelines.
  • Security policy and operational procedure development
  • Cyber Security engineering and architecture design