Program Management Support

Managing Risks While Delivering Capabilities

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support (SETA)

STI provides staff with expertise and experience in support of engineering and technical tasks for program offices needing acquisition assistance, project management, price or program analysis, independent estimates, administrative support, computer and database operations, cybersecurity, technical and security services, facilities maintenance functions or similar tasks.

Program Management Support

STI’s program management support services are built on our in-depth knowledge of system life cycles and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks. Each program management office requires a broad range of skills to meet technical, cost, schedule, and reporting requirements. Our program management capabilities cover a range of functional and managerial skill areas:

  • PMO Administrative Support
  • Risk Management
  • Requirements identification and adherence
  • Gap analysis
  • Project Reporting
  • Independent Validation &Verification (IV&V)
  • Budget and costs analysis
  • Logistics Operation support
  • Training
  • Certified project control and management
  • Project scheduling
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

STI’s operations, system, network, security, cyber, telecommunication, technical engineers, and staff are highly skilled, educated, certified, and experienced in planning, designing, maintaining, securing, and managing business infrastructures that allow our customers to manage process data efficiently securely. We offer enterprise infrastructure services and solutions to make operations, management, security, and maintenance cost-effective and efficient.

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